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No seriously, why not?

Stop worrying so much, just tell yourself it's gonna work cuz why wouldn't it? Life have brought you till this moment for a reason!
 Even if it's not going to be a win - the lesson will bring you a little closer to the goal (therefore it's also a win, just a smaller one).

Damn, you are stubborn.. Look, there are only two options for this scenario:
* It'll go wrong and you will forget about it the week after (and get new stuff to worry about haha)
* It'll go just as you wanted and you'll be so proud of yourself!

Believe me, you'll prefer to get the no and not wondering till the rest of your life what'll happen if you did try (we all know you're an over thinker!)

This is a reminder - you're the main character in your own life and the second or third character in the life of all others, so if you think anybody will remember what you did, oh honey, they won't!

Just live and don't give a fuck


If you want you can share here what you'll try to do, so somewhere in the world there'll be a person who cross fingers for you:

Thanks for submitting!

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